Of Lemons and Lemonade

Sometime end of September, my friend, Lily C. Fen, got in touch with an offer to write for Roots & Wings, the Filipino quarterly magazine in Europe that was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in August 2009. The prospect of writing while on sick leave is daunting, not only because I haven’t written in a while, but also I was to stay away from anything that’s to elicit stress. It took about three weeks to decide, consulting back and forth with my doctor and a few close friends. In the end, I agreed. One cannot possibly go through life without stress, and I thought that this writing opportunity can jumpstart the writing project I’ve been meaning to put in words.

In this issue, I visited Papa Oro’s Ricebowls and More in Baden and the Fernweh Festival in Bern to support Filipino businesses in Europe and appease my homesickness at the same time.

Read the entire R&W November issue here.

Published by mon

Monette travels unhurriedly, drinks coffee excessively, and reads books voraciously. She loves to linger in between cigarette puffs and swigs of beer. She currently lives in Winterthur.

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