Monette Bichsel is a self-confessed neurotic who often translates her “heimweh” into words. Her second website, www.flightandpursuit.net, is a lovechild of a stab wound and healing.

She graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a degree in Literature and worked in corporate training while pursuing her love for travel and writing.  Her works were published by Southeast Asian Travel Magazine, Juan’s Destination Magazine, Navigator Magazine, and top online publications. She also wrote several travel essays as part of Dispatch Magazine’s travel anthology book published in the Philippines. She has collaborated with tourism departments, airline companies, and hotel associations in promoting the Philippines as a travel destination. She recently co-authored and co-edited an anthology of short stories about Filipino women living in Switzerland, Bending Without Breaking: Thirteen Women’s Stories of Migration and Resilience.

At the moment, Monette is grappling with German while working for a medical device company as a training and development specialist. She freelances as a writer and editor and holds workshops on narrative writing focused on migration.

Monette travels unhurriedly, drinks coffee excessively, and reads books voraciously. She loves to linger in between cigarette puffs and swigs of beer. She currently lives in Winterthur.



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